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Today's Recital Program

June 17, 2023

West River's Edge - Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta


Stones Rag / Logeville Two Step Medley (Trad) - Harmony Doderai

Sweet Nothing (Taylor Swift) - Lily Spracklin

It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me (Billy Joel) - Alex Hanneman

Anniversary Waltz (Trad) - Harper Palazzo

The Alpine Flute (Knerr Hague) - Drew Graham

Allegro (Suzuki) -  Morris

A Whole New World (Menken) - Quinn Gabert

Girls Like You (Levine) - Layla Peddle

Waltz in D Major (Schubert) - Quinn Taschuk

Spy (Faber) - Brooke Bilyk

Mamma Mia (Andersson) - Bryn Bilyk

A Whole New World (Menken) - Audrey Kam

Allegro (Suzuki) - Margot Hack

Sonatina Tarantelle (Rowell) - Norah Graham

Catharsis (Trad) - Cara Hipson


Zebra Days (Knerr Hague) - Maggie Schaub

This Masquerade (Russell) - Jessica Manson

Wellerman Sea Shanty (Trad) - Arissa Henebury

Shaggy Dog Bop (Faber) - Sarah Moore

Joys Of Quebec (Trad) - Amelia Polischuk

Golden Hour (Jvke) - Emma Brick

Royal Cat Blues (Faber) - Claire Vroon

Rainforest Mystery (Knerr Hague) - Henry Schaub

Swingin’ Sam (Faber) - Kaylan Charbonneau

Paint It Black (Rolling Stones) - Emilia Henebury

The Frostlands (Nishiki) - Kenadie Ratcliffe

Two Little Donkeys (Cofalik) - Stella Polischuk

Safe and Sound - Isla Vroon

Creep (Radiohead) - Sophia Andruchow


Gallop Pony (Faber) - Josie Ma

Giraffe Dance (Knerr Hague) - Felix Vlodarc

The Rainbow Connection (Williams & Ascher) - Eunice Ma

Concertino In The Style of Vivaldi (Kuchler) - Eleanor Archibald

Sonatina in F major, Op. 168, no, 1 1st Movt. (Diabelli) - Nathaniel Kamba

Tightrope (Greatest Showman) - Alexandra Jacinto

The Machine: Fight Back (McFarlane) - Cooper Hogg

Put Your Records On (Corinne Bailey Rae) - Eilithyia Hachac

Ferdinand the Bull (Malote) - Hugo Rivera

True Colors (Cyndi Lauper) - Aleena De Guzman Garcia

Forrest Gump Theme (Silvestri) - Aleena De Guzman Garcia

Peaches (Jack Black) - Emry Hogg

Rewrite the Stars (The Greatest Showman) - Spencer and Hannah Skinner

You Play the Octaves, I’ll play the Parallel Fourths (W. Foese) - Nathaniel and Cooper

What a Wonderful World (L. Armstrong) - Keira Archibald

Bad Day (Daniel Powter) - Josh Skinner


Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Harburg) - Iris Werbicki 

Mickey Mouse March (Dodd) - Diji Abitoye 

Get Back Up Again (Trolls) - Isabelle De Zuniga

Hello Toes & A string Bowing - Faron Hotte

Five Note Sonatina (Block) - Callum Fischer

Rainbow Connection (Muppets) - Oliver Hanson

Legend of Madrid (Faber) - Cale Cholowski

Count On Me (Bruno Mars) - Edlore Johnson

He’s a Pirate (Badelt) - Brandon Wilson

Snowflake Waltz (Knerr Hague) - Cole Fischer

Lost Boy (Ruth B) - Ariana Coreas

Minuet Op.1, No. 2 (Reinagle) - Brianna Hiller

Hallelujah (Tori Kelly) - Abby Kruisselbrink

Wolf (A. Dow) - Lena Carlson

I’ve Got a Dream (Menken) - Avery Hudson

A Million Dreams (The Greatest Showman) - Katelyn Fischer

What Now (Rihanna) - Angel Johnson

At Peace (Kuhn) - Jorja Kuhn

Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping to create this special day. 

We would also like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the parents, 

grandparents and caregivers for their unending support in 

our student’s musical journey. We hope you all have a healthy and 

happy summer break!

- Erin, Jennifer, Mary and Melanie -

“Music is the Universal Language of Mankind” - Henry Woodsworth Longfellow

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