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A bit about me...

I have loved music since I can remember and I don't think I'm different than the majority of the population. We all have memories and emotions tied to music. I bet you can remember a moment in your life by just hearing a song? That is just how powerful and beautiful it is! 

I was 8 when I began taking voice lessons and little did I know then, where it would take me. It allowed me to work and learn from the most incredible people. People who encouraged me and people who challenged me to push myself beyond what I thought was capable. 

I could continue to write my credentials below but what I have come to learn in my 28 years of teaching voice, is where I went to school over two decades ago and the classes I took truly don't amount to anything. What matters is that each individual that enters my studio learns all they can possibly learn, grows in ways that allow them to flourish within their craft and embodies their truest self. I'm extremely passionate about helping and encouraging people to explore the endless world of music, especially the voice. 


Our voice is as unique as our fingerprint and each person's lesson is structured around that principle. Whether you're singing in your kitchen, in church or up on stage, I thoroughly love what I do and I am honored to share my knowledge with you and help you to achieve your goals! 

♩♪♩♬ ♬♩♪♩

A more recent passion is energy work, in the form of reiki. I became a certified level 3 reiki practitioner back in 2017 just because I thought it was interesting. What I didn't know is that it would play a key role within my own health journey as it had become an essential part of my healing. The last 4 years have been some of the hardest moments I have ever faced. These moments made me go deep within with self reflection, mindfulness and meditation. These practices have become non negotiable parts of my life. 

I feel so drawn to encourage everyone to explore energy healing, that I've launched a program where each reiki session is by donation! If you thought it couldn't get much better than that, 15% from each donation will go towards an organization or individual in need. It's my way of keeping the goodness flowing and I hope to reach as many people as humanly possible. I truly believe that reiki found me and has given me this gift to share with others. 


So, spread the word far and wide! As Mary Anne Radmacher said, "As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way." 

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