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Erin's vocal tips and tricks!


~ Stay hydrated! By drinking enough water for your body daily, you decrease sticky mucus build up. Avoiding caffeinated beverages is best as well!


~ Avoid or strictly limit phonotraumatic activities such as yelling, screaming, excessive throat clearing. Treat your voice with tender kindness.


~ As with anything, sleep and rest promotes healing. If your voice ever feels strained or tired, rest it until it no longer feels that way.


Vocal students may access vocal exercises, teachings and other resources here. 

Erin's mindfulness tips and tricks!

~ Taking time for yourself and reflecting inwards daily can reduce anxiety and bring calmness to our lives!

~ Gratitude! Reflecting on what we are grateful for each and every day.

~ Finding balance! The stressors of life can sometimes become overwhelming. A balance between work and play can have great benefits. 

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