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Erin began studying voice at the age of eight. She studied her craft intensely and by the age of fourteen she was accepted into Edmonton Musical Theatre, where she was mentored by the late Dr. Dasha Goody. She fell in love with the theatre and singing! Above and beyond her 10+ hours per week with Edmonton Musical Theatre, she also studied at Alberta College throughout her teen years. She began as a junior voice instructor at the age of sixteen mentoring family friends and young children within her home. She also gained work experience within local elementary school music programs.

She then went on to further her career in music with her acceptance into the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario. There she studied Voice, Stage Performance, Musicology, Theatre History, Musical Theatre History, Dance History, Stage and Film Acting, Stage Combat, Improvisation, Shakespeare, Masking & Clowning, Voice & Text, Level II Theory, Chorus, Jazz, Tap and Ballet! 

Erin has performed in many musicals and other events across Canada and alongside many talented artists. 2023 marks Erin's 27th year of teaching.  She thoroughly loves what she does and is thrilled to share her knowledge with others!

In 2017, Erin embarked on a new journey into the world of Reiki for her own self fulfillment. Her intention was to bring balance to her own life and found so much more. The year following, Erin completed her training and obtained her Third Degree Master Reiki Certificate. She is a member of good standing with the International Association of Reiki Professionals® and is so blessed to be able to share with others.


"One of my favourite working relationships is the camp we do together every summer! Erin is the fairy godteacher of music! Kids love her sunny personality and adults love her positive attitude and 

professionalism. Have you heard her sing?! She’s wonderful." ~ Jody Zachoda

"My daughter is currently taking vocal training with Erin Gott. It is a great experience for her and she ALWAYS looks forward to the weekly lesson. Erin greets my daughter with with a huge smile, positivity

 and patience. I can't imagine having her train anywhere else! 

The increase in skill, confidence and stage presence is amazing to see!" ~ Joanne O

"Mrs. Erin has been teaching my daughter for 3 years now. She is simply fabulous! Her confidence has grown tremendously since she started lessons. Mrs. Erin is supportive and knows how hard to push to hit the sweet spot of comfort level and effective learning. She cares about the whole person, not just their voice and that means a tremendous amount to me. We both look forward to her lesson all week, my daughter because she loves it and me because I love to see my girl skip out of that studio full of joy. I'm very grateful to have 

Mrs. Erin in our lives." - Andrea B

"Ms. Erin is really nice. She's sweet, funny and an amazing singer." - Abby

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